We are sorry if your products arrived damaged or some items are missing. We want our products to always meet the expectations of our customers. However, if you have found that our product is defective, please file a complaint with us. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

How to file a complaint?

Please contact us via or our Contact form

What do we need?

1. Order number (it will be available on the website in the “My account – orders” panel, or in the email confirming your order).

2. Your personal details: first and last name, telephone number and e-mail address as well as the address where the defective product is located.

3. Detailed description of the defect / failure of the product.

4. Photos or videos accurately showing the defect / failure of the product. For transport-related issues, the following document should also be included with your complaint : 5. Damage report filled out in presence of the transporter at the reception of the goods.

!! Any deficiency in the above information may result in an prolongation of the complaint process or may lead to a rejection of the complaint. !!

Handling of complaints and decision

We will handle the complaint within 14 calendar days, but we will do our to resolve each case as soon as possible. In this time, we will carefully review the case you have submitted and contact you to inform you of the decision and/or next steps. We may also ask you for additional information. Unfortunately, if we do not get additional information required in order to process the case within 14 days, the request will be cancelled. In certain circumstances, we may also reject the complaint. In such case, the explanation of the reasons for such decisions will be provided. Please note that if you object to our decision, the 14-day deadline does not apply - we will respond to your objection as soon as possible.


Once you have received a positive decision regarding your complaint, we will make every effort to resolve it as soon as possible. If reasonably possible, we will first offer you a reduction in the price of the product, or repair or replacement. If this is impossible or excessively expensive, we may offer you cancellation of the purchase contract or replacement of the product.

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